Cable Descramblers


Cable Descramblers USA is in the business of providing compatible cable TV equipment only to those individuals that are current subscribers to full premium cable service and who wish to purchase their own equipment for additional TV sets. Anyone that indicates to us that they are not subscribing to "FULL" cable service or that they do not intend to pay for premium programming will not be helped in any manner and will be denied sale of any device. Federal and State laws provide civil and criminal penalties for anyone that receives cable service without paying for it.

While it may be legal to purchase and own your own cable TV equipment, it is still possible that the equipment can be used in an illegal manner. Cable Descramblers USA will not aid anyone in the theft of cable TV services. Anyone implying that they have an intent to steal cable services will be denied assistance. By purchasing any cable TV equipment, the customer agrees to comply with all laws (State and Federal) regarding the reception of cable TV.
In order to continue you must agree to the above terms by electronically signing that you do agree. Please click on the appropriate statement below:

I certify that I am subscribing to full cable service and that I will pay for all services that I receive and that I will abide by all laws, Federal, State, and Local, concerning the reception of cable television.


Cable Descramblers